Month: December 2019

21 Dec

Downloading Unreal 4.24

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Well, it’s been a couple of days since I last posted. Quite honestly, other than dealing with lingering contract work before the holidays and emotional breakdowns, I also wanted to figure out how to download the new version of Unreal. And that took some time. Unlike other engines or software that I’ve used, Unreal has multiple versions that you can download WITHIN the games launcher. I only found out about this after multiple Google searches on multiple days, mainly because I thought something was wrong with my machine.


While this has been downloading, I’ve been watching tutorials on how to use Unreal’s in-engine cameras. It’s pretty neat –

And I found several sites with tutorials on Unreal. Right now, I’m going to use mostly Unreal’s own set of tutorials:

However, there are some good tutorials at Virtus Hub and If I get really desperate, I’ll get a subscription to Lynda or Pluralsight, but hopefully it won’t come to that.

14 Dec

Wing Color and Design for Dog

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Today, I wanted to do some sketching, and I ended up deciding on the colors and general wing design of the dog. Originally, I was going to greatly detail the wings, but I think I’m going to stick to different color feathers for each section instead: purple at the ends, orange in the middle, turquoise near the top, and pink to connect everything.

I’m drawing reference from Disney’s Coco for this (specifically Dante, the dog).


Dante Inspiration:danteInspiration

13 Dec


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Hi all,

This year I was selected to be a mentor for Women in Animation. Due to life events, I ended up not being able to complete my project. However, I turned my project into something greater – a short film! I’m going to post updates here every day that I work on it – mainly to track my progress, but also to show the changes along the way.

Here’s my current storyboard:



I’ve already started downloading assets for the rough cut (which I’m going to make with pre-made assets). The plan is to make the whole thing in Unreal. Wish me luck!